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Best Quality

We provide translation of the highest quality through our three stage quality control process which includes a native speaker check, an omission check and a cross check by a senior translator.

In-House Translation Academy

Our indoctrination system for new translators, which makes us education materials from our own database constructed by our experience translators, ensures that new translators meet our high standards before they progress to real translation work. This ensures we do not need outsider freelancers.

Thorough Security

In order to protect our clients’ property and privacy, we take security extremely seriously at MPI. All papers used for and during translation are completely shredded upon completion of the translation and our in-house server and firewall prevent any leakage of information.

Homelike Working Environment

Flexible working time allows our translators to work when they feel they can be most efficient and the cozy break rooms and facilities at our office enable translators to rest and relax during translations allowing them to complete their assignments efficiently and accurately.

Endless Upgrades

We use feedback from clients to upgrade our database and improve our translation ability. Our in-house translation academy is very helpful in not only educating new translators, but with keeping our experienced translators current on new technology.

MPI consulting provides translations for WIPO

MPI consulting provides translations including WOSAs and abstracts for World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO)

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